Lanta 4 Islands Tours

Mysterious Emerald cave (Mook Island), beautiful beaches (Kradan Island), a large number of coral flowers and tropical fish (Chueak Island) and relax on the beach (Ngai Island)

Lanta Kayaking Trips

Experience with our many program tour of Kayaking experience the monkey and the naturalness at mangrove forest, Koh Aung, Talabeng Island, Bubu Island, Koh Phee, Koh Kum.

Lanta Trip To Phi Phi Tours

Phi Phi snorkeling day trip include stops at several different islands and bay such as Loh Sama, Lagoon, Monkey Beach and Bamboo island. They are little gem in the Andaman Sea.

Lanta Elephant Trips

Elephant riding and trekking at rain forest at south of Koh lanta. Experience with our program tour explore and sightseeing on jungle and nature about waterfall, cave, beach or relax with Thai massage.

Lanta Trip To Koh Rok & Koh Ha

These two islands are not open for tourists to experience throughout the year. Because it is a national park area Will close the island every year to restore the natural system Of course, when the high season Everyone will be able to truly feel the cleanliness and beauty of the sea.

Lanta Fishing Trip

Most of fishing tour run as long tail boat own by local people (my father) who experienced of all sites across Ko Lanta Sea areas, included fishing equipment. “A good guide will bring to a good game” tour available, half day, full day and charter.